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They are dancing slowly. Moving to the soft tones of the radio playing. They’re on top of a tall building towering above Republic City. The noise from the city below has died down into a low hum and the sun is setting. The late summer air is still warm and the light from the setting sun colours everything in a golden hue.

They’re dancing close together. Amon’s hands are on Lieu’s waist and Lieu’s arms are resting around Amon’s shoulders. Amon’s mask feels cold against Lieu’s cheek and he wishes that he could’ve taken it off, just this once. The risk is too great. They’re in the middle of the city after all. The mask stays on.

Lieu presses a soft kiss to it and hears Amon chuckle softly. He smiles and wraps his arms more tightly around his lover, burying his face against his neck, inhaling his scent.

Surrounded by the slowly fading light of the sun and the soft tones of the radio they dance on. [X]

Art by: Hoppspindel

dies forever and never recover

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"One aspect in particular that got to me was Meg and Lisa’s story and how they were really the only female characters to GET a story this episode. And I think their story is SO INTERESTING because it compares and contrasts how both shows deal with the social construct of girls and girlhood. While in “The Simpsons” girls are encouraged to educate themselves, be independent, and strong, and really to ask questions (through the character of Lisa), the “Family Guy” will throw girls’ attempts to develop themselves as human beings in the trash (like when Peter throws the Saxophone Lisa gives Meg in the trash). MacFarlane demonstrates here for the zillionth time that Meg’s utility in the show is purely as the (unfunny) punchline of a sexist joke; someone to make fun of, call ugly, physically assault, and so on. This, I think, is really definitive of how MacFarlane views girls and women in general: A lame, unfunny, sexualized, usable, disposable, joke." by feministingforchange

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